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The March Insurance Group, located in Eagle Idaho,  provides Homeowners Insurance, Renter's Insurance, Condo Insurance, Cabin Insurance, Dwelling Insurance, Farm Insurance, Ranch Insurance, and Landlord Insurance, in the home insurance category, throughout Idaho. Home insurance provides coverage for damage to your home's structure, and damage coverage for seperate structures on your property, like a shop,shed or barn. Along with coverage for your personal belongings, temporary expenses, personal liability, and in some cases farm and ranch liability.

Whether your home is located in a beautiful subdivision in Eagle, on a farm in Kuna, or on the lake in McCall, we have a program for you. We are centrally located in the Treasure Valley, and easy to get to, whether you live in Boise, Meridian, Star, or any other Treasure Valley city. Give us a call to discuss the various options you have available.

Home Insurance FAQs

  • The dwelling (one-, two-, three-, or four-family residence) on the location shown in the declarations used principally as your private residence, including structures attached to the dwelling, permanently installed outdoor equipment pertaining to the dwelling, and materials and supplies located on or adjacent to the resident premises for use in the construction, alteration or repair of the dwelling or private garage on the residence premises.

    Other Structures

  • Structures at the same location such as barns, buildings, fences but separate from the dwelling.

  • Personal Property
  • Coverage is provided for physical injury to, destruction of, or loss of use of tangible property. It is property usual to the USE of the dwelling, such as dishes, furniture, appliances, lawn mowers, but also includes personal articles such as clothing. It does  include guns, art, antiques, jewelry, computers, etc. But, there is very limited coverage for these items so it is best to ask your agent how best to cover them, and will vary depending on the insurance company.

  • Additional Living Expense
  • This coverage pays for any increase in living expenses when you cannot live in your home because of damage caused by any of the kinds of losses covered by your policy. For example, if your home is badly damaged by fire, you may have to live in a hotel and eat in restaurants while it is being repaired. Your insurance company will reimburse you, up to the limits stated in your policy for the difference between these expenses and your normal living expenses.

  • Additional (Included) Property Coverages

  • Debris removal

    • Reasonable repairs to protect the covered property from further damage
    • Trees, shrubs and other plants
    • Refrigerated products
    • Fire department service charge.
    • Building ordinance or law coverages
    • Optional Coverages (can be purchased)
    • Guaranteed replacement cost coverage (structure)
    • Replacement cost on contents
    • Inflation guard
    • Scheduled personal property endorsement
    • Flood insurance



    • The liability part of a homeowner’s policy applies at home or elsewhere to legal obligations resulting from injuries or damages caused by you, a member of your family, or even a pet. It includes the cost of defending you if you are sued. This coverage does not apply to liability resulting from the use of an automobile, which must be covered separately by an auto insurance policy.
    • Medical Payment
    • Reasonable and necessary medical and funeral expenses incurred at the insured location, and as the result of an occurrence causing bodily injury. This money is not available to you as a named insured or any family members. Medical payments are made to others regardless of fault. If a lawsuit should be brought against and you are found to be negligent (or “at fault”), then your liability limits would be available to pay further medical and/or funeral expenses.
    • Additional Liability Coverages
    • Fire (Legal) – coverage for fire, smoke or explosion to a lodging place and its furnishings rented, occupied, used or in the care of an insured person.And newly Acquired Locations

    Form Coverage Types
           There isn’t just one form of homeowners insurance and homeowners insurance most certainly doesn’t cover everything that could possibly happen to your home.  There are three types of policies,  Basic, Broad, and Special, with each type covering more than the previous. 
           Basic, and Broad Form homeowners insurance policies cover named perils.  This means if the coverage is not specifically named on the policy there is no coverage.  This drastically limits what is covered and what is not.  See the lists below outlining exactly what is covered under each policy.  If something happens to your home and it’s not on the list, no coverage.
    Then you have special form coverage.  Special form homeowners insurance is called open perils, meaning everything is covered unless it is specifically excluded. 

    Basic Form Policy

    Covered Perils

    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Internal explosion (explosion originating from within structure)
    • Windstorm or hail
    • Explosion
    • Smoke (resulting from fire or furnace puff-back)
    • Aircraft or vehicle (airplane crashes on dwelling or car hits dwelling)
    • Riot or civil commotion
    • Volcanic eruption
    • Vandalism


    Broad Form Policy

    Covered Perils (in addition to basic form coverage)

    • Burglary damage (damage resulting from a break-in)
    • Falling objects (tree falling on dwelling)
    • Weight of ice & snow
    • Tearing, cracking, burning, bulging (pipe breaks spewing water all over dwelling)
    • Discharge / overflow water or steam
    • Freezing of plumbing
    • Artificially generated electricity

    Special Form Coverage

    Everything covered except for items that are specifically excluded

    For example:

    • Ordinance or law
    • Earthquake
    • Flood
    • Power failure
    • Neglect
    • War
    • Nuclear hazard
    • Intentional act

    The March Insurance Group would be happy to discuss the options available to you. Please contact us for immediate assistance.

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