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The March Insurance Group LLC, in Eagle Idaho,  provides a wide assortent of coverage for motorcycles, dirtbikes, ATVs, UTVs,  and other off road vehicles. Coverage is available for everything from a from a factory fresh classic Beta, scratch built custom cycles, to a Pep Boys Yamamoto. How and where you shop for motorcycle insurance rates can save you a lot of money. With so many companies trying to win your business, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision. Our motorcycle insurance programs encompass several companies, and we will find the best combination of coverage and pricing to fit your needs. We have a way to insure you! Homebuilt? Trike? Call today!

If you’re considering the purchase of a bike, here’s a series of tips to help you limit the cost of insuring it:

  1. If you don’t own the bike yet, then shop for the insurance first or at least concurrent with your purchase. Insurance is a major expense, so you need to know the full story of what kind of expenses will be associated with ownership. Depending on the make, model and year of the bike you have in mind, you might be in for a nasty surprise when it comes time to pay the tab to insure your purchase.
  2. Don’t assume that because an insurance company offers insurance for motorcycles it will also offer insurance for bikes that are considered, custom, classic, or vintage. Many companies don’t offer to insure them at all, and some of them charge higher rates for classic bikes. We have programs that will fill that need for you. There are special programs available for vintage and show bikes because of the lower risk associated with this type of riding.
  3. Understand the concept of actual cash value. This is the compromise between your perception of the bike’s value and the insurance company’s perception of the bike’s value. An agreed value policy, avialble for custom and vintage bikes, can make a big difference in the long-term cost of the policy and the total coverage that is available. With an agreed value, you know the amount you will recieve in the event of a total loss.
  4. Insurance rates for motorcycles fluctuate greatly, much more so than it does for standard cars. The worst thing you can do is settle on the first seemingly low rate, give us a call. An advantage we have over the "captive" agents that write for one company, we will cross shop insurance companies for you, finding you the best deal we have available.
  5. Also, consider combining your insurance policies. Insurance companies that offer specialty vehicle coverage provide discounts when you combine bike insurance with car insurance, homeowners insurance, and so forth. Though most times a specific specialty motorcycle insurer is the right way to go.
  6. You can also limit costs considerably by raising the deductibles as much as possible, or acquring liability only. Unless you carry a lien against the vehicle.
  7. Many owners take the position that they will not use the insurance to protect their investment, by not getting collision or comprehensive on the bike. Long term, this approach can be considerably less expensive than full insurance, but not always the best choice.
  8. If you opt to protect your investment with collison and comprehensive insurance, consider adding custom parts and accessories insurance. It can increase the overall cost of the insurance, but also increase your amount of protection.

The March Insurance Group would be happy to discuss the options available to you. Please contact us for immediate assistance.

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