March Insurance Group LLC
The March Insurance Group LLC, located in Eagle Idaho, provides insurance for all of your personal needs. Providing Auto, Home, Health, Life, Long Term Care, and Disability Insurance to families throughout Idaho and eastern Oregon. Easy to reach, with a central location in the Treasure Valley, right next to Boise and Meridian. Please give us a call, or stop on by,  with any insurance need you may have.

Why choose an Insurance Broker?

Agents are there to help you. At the most basic level, any agent should be able to answer all of your questions about insurance, provide you with a thorough assessment of your insurance needs and offer you a choice of insurance products to meet those needs. Also, any insurance agency should provide you with prompt, quality service in the case of a claim.

Just as important is the level of professional confidence and personal comfort you feel with the agent. Many people stick with the same insurance agent for decades, even generations. It helps to find an agent you can get to know and trust.

An important, but sometimes overlooked factor to keep in mind is that there are two kinds of insurance agents: those who represent only one insurance company and those who represent more than one insurance company. Agents offering through their agencies only the policies of one insurance company often are referred to as "captive agents," or "direct writers" because the company they represent does not allow them to offer their customers competitive alternatives.

By contrast, agents offering through their agencies the policies of more than one insurance company are called "independent agents," because they can shop around for their customers for the best insurance values among a variety of competing companies. A nationwide survey showed that Americans prefer to work with independent insurance agents by a 2-to-1 margin over captive agents.

March Insurance Group LLC
"We Protect Your Assets"

Iron Eagle Financial Center
1036 E Iron Eagle Dr #120
Eagle Idaho 83616

208.287.3087 Telephone
208.297.5727 Facsimile

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